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PEO TV (Personalized Entertainment Option)

What’s on PEO?

PEO TV brings the latest Local & Global news & Entertainment from around the world at a click of a button. Its interactivity will amaze you & will make you want PEO around you almost all the time to guide & help you in providing high quality personalized entertainment to suite your taste.

Special Features

- 55+ Live Channels
- Time-Shift TV
- Channel Memorizing
- Live TV Multi-Audio
- SVoD - Subscription Video on Demand
- VoD
- Synopsis of Movie and View Trailer
- VoD Break Point Memorizing
- Trick play at different speed
- Channel and VOD Grouping
[Image: oaox0o.png]
Peo Tv Sri Lanka
How Much Is PEO?

Standard PEO TV startup fee Rs. 9,950/= + Govt. Taxes

Register at or call 2 329 711 or 2 555 555for more details

Welcome to the future of tele-tainment.

PEO TV enables you to watch your favourite TV Programs / movies at your convenience. Watch what you want, when you want.

Broadcast live channels - you can watch / choose from local and international TV channels.

On demand programs - choose your favourite movies, music videos, Tele dramas and many more.

Time shift TV - this feature enables you to watch missed TV programs at a time convenient to you.

Digital quality pictures on MPEG4 format.

E-Learning and access to interactive educational programs.
What Is PEO

PEO is access to television channels and a library of videos through SLT telephone line.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is broadcast-quality television and video that is delivered to viewers using a broadband connection.

While "IP" in IPTV stands for Internet Protocol, it does not actually mean the television content is delivered over the Internet.

IP is simply the technology that enables you to access the Internet. IPTV is utilizing the same technology for its delivery.

IP empowers the subscriber with interactivity with the TV screen and programs.

Who Is PEO?

PEO will become your homebound entertainment manager. With PEO, you are always sure to enjoy the best of entertainment and will never miss it. The selections are countless. Being the first IPTV service in Sri Lanka, PEO TV brings home sheer pleasure by on demand movies, music, games, forums and many more.

What is the technology behind PEO

It is IPTV, " Internet Protocol TV".

What is my basic requirement to receive IPTV?
•SLT Broadband Connection
•Set Top Box (Provided by SLT as part of the IPTV connection)
•A Television

Do I need a computer to watch IPTV?

No! IPTV is delivered to a TV via a set-top-box (STB).

What is the difference between traditional TV and IPTV?

In traditional television delivery, all channels are broadcast simultaneously. The available channels flow downstream and the viewer selects which program he wants to watch by changing the channel.

IPTV not only provides the access to the channel programs as does the traditional TV, it also provides interactivity with the network, which unfold a host of "On demand" services.

What are the benefits of IPTV over Traditional (Over the air/ cable/ Dish) TV, apart from offering broadcast TV channels?
•DVD quality picture and sound irrespective of the weather condition.
•Time Shift TV: enable storage of broadcast content that can be viewed at any convenient time.
•Video on demand : select any movie as per your choice from the network library of movies
•T-Learning : On demand education/training and video class
•Games on demand
•Personalized Interactive services like messaging, voting, quizzes, etc.

Can TV, Internet and phone work simultaneously?

Yes, all the services can work simultaneously without any interference.

IPTV is an independent service using the same Broadband connection for the Television. Bandwidth for IPTV is allocated independent of internet as shown below.
Where You Meet PEO

SLT VisionCom(Pvt) Ltd.,
Sri Lanka Telecom PLC,
P. O. Box 503, Lotus Road, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94(0) 112 329 711,
+94(0) 112 555 555
Technical Inquiries : 1243

IPTV stands for internet protocol television. IPTV is typically supplied by a service provider using a closed network infrastructure. An IPTV network consists of four major components.

The operation and the significance of each of these components can be stated as follows. The content we obtain from different sources is referred to as raw data. These raw data are required to be processed before it is delivered to the customer. In order to reduce the bandwidth consumption the data is being encoded. There are many standards and technologies available for encoding e.g. MPEG2,MPEG4,H.264 etc. The processed data is then fed into the service providers’ distribution network. The distribution network generally deployed is an optical network. Then it connects to the access network which connects the subscriber to the service providers’ network. The access network could be any type with a constraint being imposed to as the bandwidth should be available so that a specific QoS level (e.g. DVD quality viewing experience) is provided and maintained. The data being still encoded at the customer premises data decoding should happen so as the original data is retrieved. The access network interfaces with a STB at the customer end for this function. The STB is connected to the TV set and it is also possible to have a network at the customer premises as well.

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