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Thaicom 5 (78.5E) Ku-Band Thailand Beam

We managed to get Thaicom 5 Ku band with Eurostar 6ft prime focus solid dish using a Eurostar prime focus Ku band LNB.

Thaicom 5 Ku-Band Thailand Beam officially not cover Sri Lanka.
[Image: oaox0o.png]
how you got ku beam from thiacom 5. I am not getting in 8 feet solid prime focus dish .i used normal dth ku lnb .is there any differnce in prime ku lnb and offset ku lnb.please suggest me.
What is the difference between Ku Band Satellite Dishes, Free To Air Satellite Dish, & Offset Satellite Dish Antennas, and C band satellite dishes?

Ku band satellite dishes usually range anywhere between 18 inches (40cm) to 1.2m (48 inch). Most Free To Air FTA dishes are Ku band. C band satellite dishes can also be used for FTA. C band dishes are are larger in size. Usually 1.8 meters | 6 feet and larger. C band dishes are usually prime focus. With a Ku band LNB specially designed for a C band dish, you can use a C band dish to pick up a Ku band signal.

What is the difference between a prime focal dish and an offset satellite dish?

The difference between the offset satellite dish and prime focal (prime focus) dish is the way the signal reflects from the surface and where it gets concentrated.

Prime Focus Dishes, the signal reflects from the satellite dish and concentrates towards the center, where the LNB is mounted to catch the signal.

Offset Dishes are designed with an offset angle. Usually set at 21-degrees. With this design, the signal reflects from the dish and concentrates towards the bottom of the satellite dish instead of the center of the satellite dish. See the pictures below:
**********All credits for above explanations should goes to original author !

You can use prime focus 6 feet or ofset 6 feet to catch thaicom 5 ku
do you suggest the second lnb for prime focus dish , can i use first one or not, actually i dsont have 2nd type LNB , but i used to track insat 93 and measat 91 ansd abs1 with 1st type on 8 feet solid dish with success i know that those have footprint over my location , but regarding thiacom 5 ku is this 1 st lnb work or do not work?
1st ku prime focus working wel with prime focus dish !
what is the cost of first prime KU lnb? dose this ready to get out of footpint satellites , i have never been successfull reciving fringe sats , but i was got success with telstar 18 @ 138 E KU , one KU beam of horizontal with normal dish tv LNB , nothing than that .
Sl Rs 3750 sri lanka 1
What i think is Prime focus LMBfs, when fix on the middle of a comparatively larger dish is able to collect more signals by cutting off interference. That is dine by scalar rings of the prime focus LNBF. When the signals are coming from a sat, it is concentrated by the dish and focuses on feed. But signals on the edges of dish has to be guided to feeds and this is aided by scalar rings, at the same time blocking out other interference. This helps to increase the signal.
But in theory, f/d ratio of the dish should match the feed in theory. I think most commercially made dishes and LNBFs are made match each other as closely as possible. This is what i think, but experts comment pl.

Today I managed to get Thaicome Ku band Thailand beam with 100cm off set dish. Of cause they are Horizontal. I could get 9 frequencies from this beam and 144 channels. Earlier with same set up i tried for long time, but unable to get. I changed my satellite cable to "Green brand" RG 6 with copper braiding and home made cone on feed horn. signal quality in most tps in average is between 42-54%.
I suggest if possible use copper cable for hard to get sats, and try.Thanks
Very Nice Invention. Can you post some pictures Here. And Check with Ordinary FTA Receiver and Post Signal Level. Don't mention Signal Level From Open Box. It is Totally Wrong Standard. I hope Your cone has done something
Visit for More Details
First thing i tried was taking screen shots, unfortunately my camera batteries were run down, and now still on charging. I will try what you suggested, provided my old receiver still works. All these tps loaded as vertical in my receiver although i checked with Insat 3a\4b pre loaded channels remaining same polarity.can you explain this? Thanks.
what do you want to say? H tp's showing in v in reciver are these tp got in blindscan ?
Good work hope u will update more about ur experiences !
Today morning i tried with a fta receiver which doesn't have blind scan and could get same horizontal beams. About 200 + channels most of them are scrambled and others are still on testing like Future channels. signal quality is between 34- 43% in most channels. only very few fta there. Tried to upload few screenshots, but unable to do so.
Do ur best and hope u will update more !
Thaicom 5 Ku Reception With 100cm Offset Dish

Thaicom 5 Thai beam Ku reception.

This is my dish receiving
With Openbox
With Another fta receiver
The Signal quality is about 34-43% with FTA receiver
Hi Colombage
do you get good signals for pay channels as well ? please update the signal levels and the status of them, also without home made ring is there big difference for the signal quality

Receivers: Dream-box 500+(with PLI Jade 3 ) OpenBox S9 HD, Starsat Supper MK II with soft-Cam, Zenega 1004i DishTv Receiver,
TV's - Sony WEGA 29inch,Samsung 40 Inch HD 1080P
Dish : 6Feet (Mesh ) Motorized (euro-star) 65Cm Ku Dish.
Location: Makola, Sri Lanka.
Hi Claude,
I only get horizontal frequencies now. But s\q is stable and around 34%+. This is average for all the tps i get and even for pay channels it is same. I am using Eurogold LNBF and i hope if i use Sharp ku lnbf, i wolul get more signal quality. This is without cone. As you suggest before, i used good quality copper cable.
mamath masayak withara try karala eye thaicom 5 ku signal catch kala only H 10 Tps Ch 144 /signal only 25-12%/ 6Ft 6panel dish (12 years old) & Erostar primefocus LNB
Signal quality 12 unath struck wenne nathuwa penawa
Good! Weldon. I used 100cm Off set dish.
thaicom ku 100cm ku dish aken oya balanawada? signal hodata yhiyanawada? good work. mokakda pawichchi karana lnbf aka.
oyage lnbf aka watae thiyana gegat aka nisaada dannae nae 100cm dish akata signal thiyennae.
Actualy I only watch fta. My lnbf is not a special one. Eurogold lnbf bought at Cinta. surrounding LNBF, is a cone made of Aluminium. You can get close pictures of thi in forums LNBF section under Ku weak signals. This increases signals. Dish is also Eurogold bought at Cinta. Signals are not freezing.
thank's for information colombage.
is it possible to receiver the thaicom 5 from a 90cm dish ?

good info dear

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